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Skilled Fire Damage Restoration for Queens Property Owners

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

soot covering a white tile floor When your Queens home has fire damage, you need to bring in an experienced company with effective equipment. Contact SERVPRO right away!

24/7 Fire Damage Assistance from SERVPRO Gets Results in Queens

Kitchen fires, electrical fires, a blaze started by an unattended candle or cigarette – all fire emergencies result in damage on some level. How you act and proceed determines what the outcome will be as far as fire restoration. SERVPRO is there 24/7 for all fire restoration needs, including removing charred debris, drying any water or moisture, and handling smoke remediation. We get the job done so that you can get back to your home and life as usual quickly – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Why hire professionals to handle fire damage in Queens? One reason is that smoke is inescapable with any fire. Once you have smoke and fire-charred debris on your property, significant damage may be present. No matter how the fire started, how far it reached, or how it got extinguished, some of the damage you may be up against includes:

  • Structural damage
  • Broken stairs
  • Charred contents and furnishings
  • Discoloration on various surfaces
  • Damage to appliances and electronics
  • Scorched building materials, fixtures, and cabinetry
  • Saturated materials from chemicals or water used to douse the flames
  • Etching or pitting on materials like glass, metals, and stainless steel

We Have IICRC-Certified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT)

When it comes to property restorations, you want nobody but the best. Fire restoration is no different except that specialized training is necessary to handle the hazards that come with all fire-related projects. Our IICRC training helps us know and understand the risks involved and how to address the safety of your building throughout the job. 

Fire-Related Restoration Risks:

Contrary to what many people may think, fire risks do not end once the flames are out. Soot and smoke remaining and soiling your interior leave a pungent and unsightly reminder of what took place. Because remaining residues and fire-damaged materials can be harmful, our crew wears personal protection equipment (PPE) for our safety during the house fire cleanup and restoration.

Several household items do not burn clean, including:

  • Food items (proteins)
  • Foam
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals/cleaners

Other elements that may get caught up in invisible soot particles during a fire include asbestos fibers, tar, formaldehyde, and ammonia. This is why our crew chief does a thorough inspection and testing during the assessment phase, so we know how to proceed with the cleaning and restoration throughout each affected area of your property. 

Why Detailed Assessment Matters for All Restoration Projects

Anyone with an untrained eye may sift through charred possessions and declare many items worthless. Not only that, but there are a lot of hazards that homeowners or business owners may not know about. A professional assessment helps minimize risk and loss so that the team can move through recovery procedures. Cautious disposal cuts back on possible risks and allows many more items to get salvaged. 

How Does SERVPRO Handle the Pungent Odors from Soot And Smoke Residue?

We have odor control technicians (OCT) on our team who understand best practices for eliminating even the toughest odors. With the top equipment in our industry, we can move through each room to break down odorous particulates and leave everything smelling fresh and clean. Some of the equipment you may see us using includes ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, thermal foggers, air scrubbers, and products like deodorizing granules and pellets.

Let us assist with your fire damage needs, including working with your insurance provider to facilitate your fire restoration claim. SERVPRO of Forest Hills/Ridgewood can be reached by dialing (718) 381-3702, or you can request help online.

Why Protective Equipment Is Crucial During The Fire Damage Restoration Process In Your Forest Hills Home

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Need Help Sticky Note If a job becomes too big, or you need a second opinion, you can count on our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team to arrive quickly to help.

Protective Equipment To Use In Fire-Damaged Forest Hills Homes

It is a common trend for DIY enthusiasts to take on whatever restoration their Forest Hills home needs after emergencies, taking on whatever symptoms they can before consulting with professional recovery crews. As much as some elbow grease and quick learning can save you some money in the early stages of mitigation and cleanup, some considerations can make the process safer and more comfortable to accomplish.

Keeping yourself safe should always be the top priority when addressing fire damage in Forest Hills properties. After a fire gets extinguished, the earliest stages of inspection and damage assessment must happen slowly and thoroughly to ensure that all areas get cataloged and adequately evaluated. Maintaining safe conditions begins with the proper personal protective equipment like our SERVPRO team uses to navigate a damaged property safely after a fire.

Closed Shoes

You do not know the condition of certain materials you could be stepping on or what might lurk in piles of debris and buildup. Work boots are even more ideal for these situations, but they may not be something every property owner has.


This gear is a purchase you can make at any chain hardware store. Paper masks are not as effective and allow more penetration than half or full-face respirators with cartridges.


Much like closed-toe shoes, debris removal and damage assessment often require moving damaged components around physically. Be prepared for nails, broken glass, and other threats with durable, thick gloves.

Tyvek Full Suit

This attire is a classic look for our SERVPRO professionals entering your home for debris removal and cleanup after a fire. It offers a lighter weight and complete body protection for our technicians.

Protecting yourself during any stage of fire loss recovery is critical. It is something that should get taken seriously to keep you and your family safe. If a job becomes too big, or you need a second opinion, you can count on our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team to arrive quickly to help. Give our experts a call anytime at (718) 381-3702.

You Can Call Our Technicians 24/7 After A Fire In Your Forest Hills Home

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

We Can Help Sign SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood can help you take measures to limit additional deterioration.

Reducing The Level Of Secondary Fire damage In Forest Hills

A little fire can turn into a big blaze in a matter of seconds, causing widespread damage. Even after the flames and embers die down, secondary damages can still happen and, in most cases, lead to severe outcomes such as huge restoration costs that can drive your insurance premiums up. Our professional restoration services can help prevent such secondary damages because we arrive early at your loss site and take preventive measures.

Fire damage in Forest Hills is likely to open up the property and its contents to external elements by shattering windows or puncturing holes on the roof or exterior walls. Such openings create access points for weather elements, wild animals, and even vandals to cause further damage. Our SERVPRO technicians board up the affected properties and install roof tarps immediately after arriving at your loss site.

In the aftermath of a fire, several residues, including soot and ash, spread all over the property. Some of these residues are acidic and therefore cause surfaces to deteriorate through staining and corrosion. Such deterioration mainly affects metallic items or finishes which rust and stone materials such as marble which stain. Our SERVPRO technicians prevent this by pre-cleaning any materials we establish to be at risk. We also apply a thin oil film to protect the material from other residues that may accumulate later. Taking such measures helps prevent subsequent deterioration.

Apart from the damages caused by the fire, the measures taken to put it out can also lead to other damages. Water is the primary fire suppression medium. It is sprayed in considerable volumes to kill the fire leaving the property wet. Wetness can lead to mold and other forms of deterioration, such as rot. Our SERVPRO technicians extract such water fast using water extractors. We also use drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.

Homeowners in Kew Gardens, Rego Park, and Ridgewood end up footing the bill, whether the damage is from the actual fire or secondary issues. SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood can help you take measures to limit additional deterioration. Call us at (718) 381-3702 any time.

How Does Soot Cleanup Happen in Forest Hills Homes?

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged house with yellow tape over the door When a fire affects your home, you need to bring in an experienced company with effective equipment. Contact SERVPRO right away for remediation.

Fire Damage Cleanup Often Follows Specific Steps in Threatened Forest Hills Residences

Fires can prove to be among the more challenging and threatening situations for area homes. Even with the fast and dedicated response of our SERVPRO team to show We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, substantial and irreparable harm can result to the property without immediate mitigation efforts. Removing soot and smoke soils from the residence often follows a specific pattern. 

How Does Cleanup Get Underway? 

Our SERVPRO professionals introduce multiple products, tools, and techniques to overcome fire damage in Forest Hills homes and businesses. As leading FSRT-Certified specialists accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we are qualified and competent professionals to manage post-fire effects. Cleaning the structure after soot and smoke exposure often means following specific steps:

  • Find Smoke Damage – A thorough inspection can show fire damage like soot soils. 
  • Determine the Type of Soiling – The type of soot damage changes based on the combusted material and the kind of fire.
  • Note the Underlying Material – The hosting material could require specific cleaning practices to prevent staining or marring.
  • Capture Residues – Capturing and reducing the severity of present residues has much to do with the mechanical actions chosen by our SERVPRO team. 
  • Remove Residues – Wet and dry cleaning approaches dissolve or emulsify present soils to wipe them away. 
  • Dispose of Debris and Soil – Properly removing and discarding the debris and the residues from affected materials is one of the final steps in effective cleanup. We carefully handle these materials and residues to prevent cross-contamination.

The process of removing damaging soot soils and smoke residues is consistent despite the innumerable products and approaches required to achieve the desired results. Our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team can provide efficient and effective cleanup after fire damage emergencies. Give our experienced restorers a call today at (718) 381-3702.

Why Does It Take Significant Effort To Manage Odors After Fire Damage in Forest Hills Homes?

12/11/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke from a fire Fire and smoke removal is no DIY project. Fire damage restoration technicians from SERVPRO have the knowledge and experience for every size disaster.

SERVPRO Helps Identify and Remove All Residues Which Is One of the Reasons for Lingering Odors

One challenging issue Forest Hills property owners like you might experience after a fire incident is removing the foul odor left in the property. Cleaning and airing the house only lessens the problem, so further action is necessary to restore preloss conditions.

Clearly understanding the combustion process can help you better address odors after fire damage at your Forest Hills home. Since SERVPRO fire restoration technicians undergo rigorous training and IICRC certification, you can expect a better understanding of the odor problem and thus better resolution of the issue in your home.

Knowledge can be evaluated based on the understanding of:

  • What combustion involves
  • Physical properties of the residues fires produce
  • Spread patterns

Although it might not seem so, combustion is a process that turns solids into gas through heat. Since there are different types of materials in a house, combustion produces a wide array of gases. Some materials are fully consumed, while others are only partially consumed during the process, thus leaving different residues strewn all over the property. Dealing with the residues is essential in managing odors.

The essential aspects of addressing fire residues to control odors include:

  • Locating all smoke residue deposits
  • Identifying the different types of residues
  • Identifying various surfaces where residues collect

Powdery residues like soot can travel far from the seat of the fire. In rooms unaffected by the fire, you can find soot inside wall cavities, closets, and light fixtures. Our SERVPRO technicians help inspect your property thoroughly, thus locating all residues. Differentiating residue types and surfaces also helps ensure we remove all residues, thus eliminating all odor sources.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood can remove all residues left by fire damage at your property, eliminating any traces of odor, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (718) 381-3702 when you need assistance.

How Does Cleaning Dry Smoke Differ from Wet Smoke Residues in Queens Homes?

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

model of house on fire When your precious home or apartment needs excellent fire damage and smoke cleanup--call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire restoration focuses on effective cleaning of soot and smoke damage in Queens area residences.

Fire damage takes many forms, so our professionals responding to these emergencies must evaluate the situation carefully to determine the best restoration approach. As challenging and overwhelming as these conditions can often be, homeowners look to professionals and certified technicians like ours to implement the proper cleaning and recovery strategies, beginning with removing soot and smoke residues from the structure. Count on IICRC certified professionals (FRST) to get it done right.

What Determines Wet or Dry Smoke Damage

The composition of these residues and soils can change how fire mitigation in Queens apartments and homes changes as well. Understanding the damage we must overcome narrows the products and approaches possible to ensure the most efficient response. Some of the factors that can determine the type of soot deposit on surfaces include:

  • Oxygen present during the fire
  • Material/substance burning
  • How fast the combustion occurs

How Does Dry Smoke Get Cleaned?

Dry smoke is often produced by high heat situations but can be among the most simple substances to remove after the fact. In this situation, dry particles are deposited on surfaces that do not typically stain or adhere to the underlying substrate. Odors are often more manageable as well. Clearing dry smoke residues often falls to rubber sponges and non-aggressive cleaning tactics. A filtered, portable vacuum is often the first step in residue removal.

How Does Wet Smoke Get Cleaned?

Wet smoke is far more challenging to remove. In contrast, this type of damage features many liquid components aerosolized in the environment. These damages result from slow, smoldering fires rather than high heat and complete combustion situations. Cleaning these damages involves carefully considered wet cleaning strategies to dissolve and emulsify bonds with the material hosting the soot damage.

We are experienced restorers and cleaners that can help your home after a fire. Our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team knows what your Queens home needs, and we can help when you call (718) 381-3702. 

Full-Scale Fire Damage Restoration In Queens

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

fire line Property owners breathe a sigh of relief when the SERVPRO green fleet swiftly arrives for fire damage remediation.

The SERVPRO in Queens Offers Total Fire Damage Restoration to Ensure Your Queens Property is Back to Normal

Many companies today will specialize in only house fire clean up and mitigation but struggle with rebuilding and restoration. This leaves clients searching for a company that can finish up the job to bring their fire damaged homes back to normal once again. SERVPRO is a locally owned and operated full-service restoration company that brings you the best in advanced technology, certified technicians, and methods to handle your entire project from start to finish. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster and guarantee your Queens property will be back to pre-fire condition in no time.

From initial contact to set up your fire damage restoration in Queens to the time we sign off, our team is with you each step of the way. We work under the motto that we will repair and restore versus replace whenever possible. What this does is help save you time and money. Just a sampling of the services you may receive when contacting us for your fire and smoke restoration and cleanup include:

  • Complete or partial pack-out
  • 24-hour emergency tarping and board up
  • Total contents cleaning and restoration
  • Charred debris removal and safe disposal
  • On or off-site storage for contents during the restoration
  • Controlled demolition, as needed 
  • Ozoning and deodorization
  • Fire and smoke remediation and odor control
  • Coordination with your home insurance provider

Our technicians have received detailed training with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We have gone through training to handle water damage restoration (WRT) to handle leftover moisture from first responders extinguishing the blaze. We also have odor control technicians (OCT) on our team to ensure no lingering smoke odors get left behind once we are gone.

There is nothing like the quality work we provide at SERVPRO of Forest Hills/Ridgewood when it comes to fire damage restoration. Call us whenever you might need us, day or night, at (718) 381-3702.

What Works for Forest Hills Kitchen Fire Damage Removal?

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering the dining set Kitchen fires are very common. Tackle the fire damage in your home with a quick call to SERVPRO for certified technicians and the equipment to help.

SERVPRO Cleaning Materials Eliminate Fire Damage Residues from Forest Hills Properties

In any given Forest Hills home, the kitchen is by far the most vulnerable to fire damage. Almost half of the reported home fires in the US start in the kitchen, and many more go unreported. However, even a small fire can impact structures and contents.

SERVPRO cleanup specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to remove fire damage from Forest Hills properties. Professional fire damage mitigation and restoration ensures that cleanup is done per a homeowner’s insurance policy while helping them save their belongings from further damage.

Cleaning Residential Structures After Fire Damage

Fire damage cleanup is a multi-step process that focuses on lighter residue cleanup before tackling heavier soils:

  • Light, dry soot deposits on walls and ceilings can be removed with dry cleaning sponges, SERVPRO Crumbly Cleaner, or specialized detergent solutions
  • Moderate soils may require more rigorous wet cleaning or the use of alkaline solutions to combat soot stains
  • Heavy charring on cabinetry, wall studs, or other fixtures can often be addressed with abrasion cleaning. Blast media like soda ash can also have a deodorizing effect
  • Protein residues from a cooking fire require mitigation with SERVPRO enzyme digesters, which break down these proteins into water-soluble byproducts for cleanup

Homeowners in need of emergency-response restoration can contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702.

What Do Queens Area Fire Restoration Pros Offer That DIY Methods Cannot?

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Call Now Fire damage is not a DIY project you want. Leave it to our skilled professionals at SERVPRO. We will make it look "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Provides Industry-Proven Fire Restoration to Bring Your Queens Property Back to Pre-Fire Condition

Fire remediation must include more than wiping away residue and tossing charred debris. Due to the corrosive nature of smoke and soot residue, skilled technicians trained to handle water & fire damage restorations are the best way to get the results you need. SERVPRO is the team to call for house fire clean up that is stress-free, efficient, and cost-effective.

When contacting our team for fire restoration in Queens, we show up within hours to begin the assessment. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and once first responders give us the green light to enter, we begin house fire clean up as soon as possible.

Some Steps Our Technicians May Take During the Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup Include:

  • The application of chemicals to help safely clean your surfaces
  • The use of agitation and other techniques that allow us to accelerate soiling removal
  • The total deodorization of your home with the help of:
  • Thermal foggers
  • Air scrubbers
  • Ozone generators
  • The sanitization and cleaning of surface areas with antimicrobials to leave your home Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned
  • The proper disposal of all unsalvageable belongings and charred debris
  • The implementation of controlled demolition services, as needed, to fully restore damage

SERVPRO of Forest Hills/Ridgewood features the IICRC-certified technicians you want on the job when you require fire restoration. We are available 24/7, just call (718) 381-3702, and our Green Fleet will be at your door as soon as possible.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Queens

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

fire in kitchen Odor residue from a fire in your home is not easy to handle. SERVPRO techs are trained and experienced in the remediation process.

Queens’s residents count on SERVPRO to provide fire and smoke damage restoration.

Queens is a very diversified and busy borough of New York. It began in 1683 as one of the first twelve counties of the Province of New York. Over 2,239,722 people live in Queens, and they make up an incredible array of cultures. Almost half of the people living there are foreign-born. There are many fascinating things to do, places to visit, and foods to enjoy. It is rich in history but decidedly modern in many aspects.

Home to the World’s Fair Twice

One of Queen’s claims to fame is it hosted the World’s Fair in 1939 and 1964. The first one held there was the second costliest American world’s fair. Only St Louis surpassed it in 1904. Some of the key features were:

• Franklin D Roosevelt’s speech was televised

• Albert Einstein gave a speech on cosmic rays

• Westinghouse time capsule, not to be open until the year 6939

• July 3, 1940, was Superman Day 

• 1st World Science Fiction Convention

• Frank Buck’s Jungleland

The 1964 World’s Fair was held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park too. The theme was “Peace Through Understanding.” Key features of this fair included:

• Showcasing American culture, technology, and the Space Age

• Many people’s 1st interaction with computers

• Vatican Pavilion, featuring Michelangelo’s Pieta

• Medieval Belgian Village

• Various state pavilions

• Displays dedicated to American industry

• Venue used by Walt Disney to design his Audio-Animatronics.

Queens Public Library

The Queens Public Library is one of the busiest libraries in the United States. They have over 80,000 free classes, cultural events, workshops, and activities. There is everything from workshops for moms to virtual science clubs. It is simply phenomenal what they have to offer—no need to be bored with all the activities happening at this library. And yes, they have lots of books!

Great Places to Eat

With all the cultures present in Queens, there is no lack of great places to eat. Many are currently only doing take-out or delivery, but that is no reason not to enjoy some delicious eats. Check out these eateries:

• Chinelos Birria Tacos - Mexican

• Yumpling – Taiwanese

• Nneji – African

• Niko’s Souvlaki – Greek

• Caleta 111 – Peruvian

• Followsoshi – Japanese

Astoria Park

If you enjoy swimming, Astoria Park is the perfect place to be. It has the largest and oldest swimming pool in the city. Not only that, but there is no charge to enjoy this lovely aquatic feature. You can relax while taking in the beautiful view, go walking on the trails or let the kids play on the playgrounds. 

SERVPRO Proudly Offers Expert Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Something as simple as small trash can fire extinguished quickly can leave smoke residue on the walls of your home. The tendency is to wipe them down and then repaint. That can actually do more damage to your walls. Calling a professional fire damage restoration company is the best thing to do. When we are called out to fire damaged homes, our technicians:

• Carefully inspect ceilings and walls

• Determine the type of smoke residue present

• Use the precise cleaning agent needed to remove soot

• Encapsulate odors with sealants if needed

• Prime and repaint 

SERVPRO teams are experts at smoke remediation. House fire cleanup is much easier when you use the pros. Contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for all your fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup needs.

Are Fire Repairs Expensive in Queens?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fire damage restoration is no quick or easy fix. Call SERVPRO for the fire restoration services to get your property back to preloss condition.

SERVPRO's Professional Fire Mitigation and Restoration Services Can Reduce the Expenses of Fire Restoration

The borough of Queens is one of New York City's largest, with 2,230,722 people. The district lies on the Western side of Long Island sharing borders with the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The formation of Queens dates back to the seventeenth-century when settlers from Europe took place on the Eastern Coast of the United States. The original settlers were a mixture of Dutch and English, with residents of the settlement being subject to Dutch law until 1664, when the area was officially named New York. Queens was one of the original twelve counties that were incorporated into New York State in 1683. While modern-day Queens formally is a borough, it ranks on the same scale population-wise as some of America's largest cities. There are numerous neighborhoods in the area that cover both affluent and social housing regions. Key areas include Ozone Park, Flushing, and Jackson Heights.

Queens is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the United States with African-American, Asian, Peruvian, Italian, and Latin-American communities. There are estimated to be 138 different languages spoken throughout the borough of Queens. The rich diversity in the borough has led to it being the center of important cultural events throughout the twentieth century. These include the Jazz explosion in the 1920s. Jazz masters such as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald lived in Queens during the early twentieth century to avoid segregation and other civil injustices. The borough is also notable for producing the East Coast hip-hop sound, including Nas, Run DMC, and a Tribe Called Quest. The Queens Night Market is a celebration of food diversity and attracts thousands of residents and visitors each day.

  • Citi Field is the home of Major League Baseball team the New York Mets. Situated in Queens, the 41,922 seater stadium was estimated to cost $850 million.
  • Each year, the US Open takes place in the neighborhood of Flushing Meadows at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
  • Queens, Harlem, and Brooklyn cultural tours allow visitors to experience the area's unique heritage and cultural history, from CBGB punks like the Ramones to Jazz masters like Louis Armstrong.

SERVPRO Assists Queens Residents with Contents and Structural Restoration after Fire

Fires can cause extensive damage to a home. Cosmetic damages may include smoke residues, low indoor air quality, and foul odors. A high-temperature fire can cause structural damage or char to materials in the building assembly. SERVPRO can help restore your home after a fire.

Using professional fire damage restoration in Queens can remove the stress from a recent fire. Our technicians are capable of identifying non-salvageable materials and removing them quickly. By operating with a restore over replace mentality, we can help keep the cost and time-frame of restoration low.

  • Air Filtration Devices can remove foul odors and restore indoor air quality in your home.
  • Using a combination of fogging equipment and odor, counteractants can deal with most odors caused by fire.
  • Our team is local to the area, which can reduce call-out times significantly.

Get a quick resolution to property damages, contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood for fire damage restoration at (718) 571-8072.

Visit Vander Ende-Onderdonk Home In Queens

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

Vander Ende Onderdonk Home Visit Vander Ende Onderdonks Home in New York City, while our experienced technicians bring your home back from fire damage.

Take a Candlelit Tour in a Historical Home in Queens

Vander Ende Onderdonk Home is the earliest Dutch Colonial home in NY City. It is located on the border of Queens and Brooklyn in Ridgewood. A small house was constructed in 1660; however, the current house was constructed in 1709. There were various changes and additions made to the home over the years. After many years of disrepair, it was saved from demolition in 1975 and reconstructed. The house and estate have been open to the public since 1982 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The house has become a permanent exhibit and museum covering the history of the area and settlement. There are various tours available. Visitors can visit and admire the house and grounds exploring the history of the site. A favorite tour is the Onderdonk after dark evening tours by candlelight scheduled on December 12th and again on January 9th. Reservations for the tour and tickets should be purchased in advance.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood provides fire cleanup services to Queens residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (718) 381-3702. We are available 24/7to help with all your fire cleanup needs.

What Should Forest Hills Homeowners Do Once Their Properties Sustain Fire Damage?

10/18/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged room with soot covering the walls and items Fire damage can easily destroy many of your belongings. Team SERVPRO can help. Contact us 24/7 for remediation and mitigation services.

Homeowners Can Seek Fire Restoration Services from SERVPRO Technicians in Forest Hills.

If fire damage takes place in your Forest Hills residence, it can affect your life and daily routine, especially if you do not handle it promptly and appropriately. If your Forest Hills home has sustained any form of the said damage, it is paramount that you find professionals well versed in handling it. SERVPRO can help you to restore your home. 

What should I do immediately after a fire?

To prevent further damage and make sure that fire restoration in your Forest Hills home takes a shorter period, you can do a few things. They include:

  • Shut off the electricity to reduce the risk of further electrical damage. 
  • Keep the movement inside the building at a minimum. This can reduce the spread of soot to areas that haven't been already affected. Additionally, you may not directly identify which part of the building's structure has been damaged. By reducing movement, you minimize the chance of injuring yourself.
  • If it is possible, you should totally avoid the area that has been damaged by the fire.

What should I not do after a fire has damaged my property?

Your house needs to be restored as soon as possible. That is understandable. However, if you choose to do some things yourself, you can inadvertently increase the level of damage. Consequently, you should avoid doing the following things:

  • Refrain from cleaning electrical appliances that have any sort of damage
  • Refrain from trying or actually washing off soot from upholstery, painted walls, and the carpet.

What happens to ruined belongings. Do I need to remove them from my house?

Our trained and experienced technicians can identify which items we can clean and restore, and which ones need replacement. Our SERVPRO team can salvage a majority of fire-damaged items. We can list the salvageable and non-salvageable items and present it to you.

When possible, we restore ruined items on-site. Cleaning content on site reduces the number of times the items are handled. This can reduce the chance of the contents getting damaged while in the possession of restorers.

If it is not possible to restore contents on-site such as when a home is not structurally sound enough for our crew to work there or items have sustained severe damage, we can move the items to our secure facilities. Our team can carefully inventory, pack out and transport them to our facilities for thorough cleaning and restoration. If you have high value items that require restoration by a specialist like electronics and artwork, we can take them to a competent restorer.

The experts at SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood are qualified to restore homes after fire loss incidents of any size or scope. Contact us through our hotline (718) 381-3702 for effective restoration.

Click here for more information about Forest Hills.

How Does Fire Damage Get Cleaned from Contents?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" We have the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire. Call us right away.

Structure fires in Forest Hills homes can be challenging to clean and restore without the products and equipment available to our SERVPRO team. 

Cleaning up your Forest Hills home after a fire loss incident can be a considerable challenge, especially when considering the various types of residues and soiling that could be present. Depending on the combustion rate and the affected materials, each fire disaster's cleanup plan and strategies could look different. Choosing the most efficient paths involves a carefully crafted approach from information obtained in the job scoping and evaluation phases. 

Fire restoration for Forest Hills hinges significantly on the cleaning result that our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team can provide. Removing smoke and soot residues from structural elements often combine several tactics happening at once. In some situations, chemical agents can remove stubborn soiling from surfaces while abrasive cleaning techniques like soda and media blasting are ideal for thicker coatings that could result in staining or marring of the underlying substrate. 

When Does Cleaning Occur Over Replacement? 

Our restoration mentality relies on cleaning and recovering damaged items and structural elements rather than immediately choosing controlled demolition and later reconstruction. While some fire restoration companies might believe that rebuilding is inevitable, our SERVPRO restorers and contractors understand that the choice in material discarding over cleaning relies on several individual factors. These include: 

  • Cost-Efficiency - The replacement costs must become a factor in whether removal and rebuilding is a better option for the customer. With cheaper building materials like drywall, replacement might be more cost-efficient than cleaning and restoration. 
  • Accessibility - How challenging restoration efforts are can also play a role in the likelihood of tear-out and reconstruction options getting chosen. 
  • High-Valued Contents or Structural Elements - With properties that have been constructed with higher quality materials, restoration might be worth the added time cleaning can take. For example, replacement materials for our historic properties can be nearly impossible to match with modern offerings. 

What Types of Content Cleaning Approaches Are Effective with Fire Losses? 

The contents of your home must require the same attention and consideration that structural elements receive. On-site restoration and cleaning all can reduce the costs of recovery for these damaged items and furniture. Depending on the affected materials and the severity of the damage, a few specific cleaning techniques and products are used to help. 

  • Spray & Wipe – Cleaning products get designed primarily to address surface aesthetics after a fire impacts the contents and furniture in your home. Using rags, dry sponges, and other equipment, residues and soiling can get sufficiently addressed. 
  • Foam Cleaning – Using a pump sprayer with a shampooing product or an upholstery brush, we can use a cleaner that heavily foams to lift light soils from upholstered, fabric furniture. 
  • Abrasive Cleaning – These solutions use products as much as physical actions to achieve the desired result. While we have abrasive chemical agents, often applying chemicals with agitative cleaning utensils, such as steel wool or pads, can also have the desired effect. 
  • Immersion Cleaning – While it is feasible to establish immersive cleaning approaches on-site, off-site restoration at our SERVPRO facility can utilize our Ultrasonic Immersion Tank for more efficient results. 

Is Off-Site Recovery Worth It? 

After a fire, many homes and their contents are worse for the wear. Even with the fast response of experienced technicians like our SERVPRO team, off-site recovery and restoration of your valuables and belongings can be inevitable. There are a few advantages to allowing pack out to occur:

  • Advanced Cleaning – Unlike the limitations of cleaning and restoring your belongings in the recently damaged property, we have the full measure of cleaning and restoration capabilities in our warehouse. 
  • Deodorizing Item Lots – With areas like the ozone chamber, entire lots of smoke-damaged materials and contents can get deodorized simultaneously. 
  • Safe Storage & Inventory – Effective inventory solutions mean that our technicians know where your belongings are and can safely store them until they are ready for return. 
  • Staging – Before returning to your home after fire recovery, staging restored belongings in our warehouse allows our technicians to look over everything one last time to ensure we have addressed all smoke and fire damages.

Fire losses can be traumatic for homeowners, especially when contents and structural elements become damaged by smoke and soot residues. Give our SERVPRO of Forest Hill / Ridgewood team a call to help you however you need at (718) 381-3702.

How Do I Get Soot Off My Furniture In My Forest Hills Home?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt house after the fire As soon as the first responders give the all-clear for entry to your home, call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for fire damage.

SERVPRO technicians have the comprehensive training to remove the soot without damaging your furnishings in your Forest Hills home

Even a small fire in Forest Hills that got extinguished quickly and did little charring can leave behind copious amounts of soot on walls, ceilings, and furnishings. Soot is caustic, and when mixed with water or fire, extinguishing fluids can cause more severe damage to surfaces, particularly the finishes on wood and chrome fixtures. Your best bet for a good outcome is to bring in a professional restoration services company. They have the equipment, tools, and cleaning agents to lift away soot without marring surfaces.

Can Carpets Get Cleaned Through Fire Damage Restoration Methods?

Upon arrival at your Forest Hills home for fire damage restoration services, the SERVPRO techs will scope the area to determine the scale of the fire loss area. Many factors draw the line between reuse and disposal when it comes to carpet, such as:
    •    If the fibers have any heat damage or charring  
    •    The construction materials used for the carpet and backing
    •    If water damage is present

In cases where the carpet has the potential for cleaning, the technicians use vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove as much loose soot as possible and then use professional steam cleaners that wash the fibers and leave no residues behind. This method of cleaning works to neutralize embedded odors within the threads at the same time. If the loss area requires any additional odor control, the techs have access to an array of choices depending on the level of the application needed.

As soon as the first responders give the all-clear for entry to your home, call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for fire damage restoration. The trained technicians can handle any size fire loss to save as much of your home and contents as possible through their advanced cleaning methods.

Is Thermal Fogging Good for Fire Odor Removal in My Forest Hills Home?

5/29/2020 (Permalink)

square green hydroxyl generator SERVPRO provides cutting edge equipment for odor control after house fires in the Forest Hills area.

We have multiple tools that can help to deodorize a fire-damaged home to suit individual circumstances.

Removing odors is only part of the often-formidable task of restoring Forest Hills homes and businesses after fire losses. With multiple potential tools and machines that can neutralize harsh smoke and burning odors after a structure fire, choosing the right approach can save a customers' time and money with the restoration work their home needs.

While fire damage in Forest Hills homes and businesses can embody many obstacles and necessary actions, odor removal can be a challenge because of how widespread this condition can become. From embedded odors in structural elements like drywall and wood framing to environmental scents that can make comfortable living difficult, we have several strategies that can work to neutralize these effects to make fire losses “Like it never even happened.”

What is Thermal Fogging?                                       

Among the potential deodorization approaches that our SERVPRO team can utilize, thermal fogging is one of the most versatile and effective available. The process allows for a wider dispersal area that can also penetrate porous materials. Part of the concern with structure fires is the rising temperature opening up pores in sensitive structural components more than usual, allowing for smoke and other harsh odors to become trapped inside the material during extinguishment when the surfaces cool again. While some of these surfaces must be removed and discarded by our in-house contractors, thermal fogging can often help reach these embedded odors. Foggers work by:

  • Superheating deodorizing chemicals
  • Creating a mist/vapor
  • Dispersal with pressurized blasts controlled by technicians

What Makes it a Recommended Choice? 

While there are multiple odor removal implements that our team could use, thermal foggers and ULV foggers are common choices for several reasons. An assessment to determine the ideal deodorizing equipment gets conducted before mitigation begins. Our project manager and crew chief can catalog damage and choose the ideal personnel and equipment to manage present loss effects and get the property back to preloss condition. Some of the advantages of thermal fogging include:

  • Fast dispersal – By creating vapor and mist of deodorizing compounds, the neutralizing effect can be more widespread and easily dispersed throughout affected properties. 
  • Lightweight and mobile – One of the advantages of choosing to fog over other deodorization options is the mobility of the equipment. With handheld tools, our SERVPRO professionals can quickly move from one room to the next without tearing down and setting up more equipment from one area to another. 
  • Versatile – Not every odor removal tactic is universally effective for all potentially affected materials, contents, and areas of the property. For soft materials, porous surfaces, and open-air environments, fogging can be more readily used than many other strategies at our disposal. 

What Are Other Deodorizing Tools Common to Fire Restoration?

Thermal fogging is a versatile approach to remove and neutralize odors affecting a home after a fire, but it is not the only option available. In many situations, there are reasons to consider some of the larger stationary units. From in-house restoration solutions to restoring your contents at our SERVPRO facility, some of the available odor removal tactics include:

  • ULV Fogging – This machine is comparable in many ways to thermal foggers, as it offers the same type of versatility and mobility. Instead of superheating a chemical compound, low-pressure air transforms liquid into vaporous droplets that can get dispersed from the handheld unit. 
  • Hydroxyl Machines – Utilizing both ultraviolet cleaning and the production of hydroxyl radicals into the environment, this unit can help to not only neutralize smoke and burning odors but also help to clear out particulates in the environment as well with an onboard HEPA filtering system.
  • Ozone Generators/Chambers – the production of ozone is a process that splits oxygen compounds into isolated molecules that can bond with odor compounds and eliminate them. The process itself is unsafe for use around people and pets, which is why it gets used most often as an effective deodorization technique in a chamber at our warehouse for removed contents from your home. 

When Does Deodorization Happen?

Despite the importance of deodorization, it is one of the final steps of mitigation because various cleaning and recovery actions can agitate these conditions. Also, discarding materials can reduce the severity of odors, making it most efficient to wait to neutralize only the odors left behind after mitigation has otherwise completed.

After fire losses in your home, odors can be an overwhelming obstacle. Our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team can help. Give us a call anytime at (718) 381-3702.

We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Forest Hills After A Fire

4/7/2020 (Permalink)

A stove top covered in grease after a fire The grease fire on this stovetop was very hot and created a considerable amount of soot and smoke damage. We acted fast and started restoration.

What Type of Cleaning is Necessary after Fire Damage Incidents in Forest Hills?

Several Cleanup Steps May be Necessary, but SERVPRO Can Help Complete the Process Conveniently 

Since fire damage consumes some materials and produces different residues as part of the combustion processes, there is a need to take appropriate steps to remove all the wastes left at the loss site. The process can present some challenges since there is a need for proper removal and disposal. Some essential steps for clean up include:

  • Trash removal
  • Food disposal
  • Residue cleanup
  • Water removal

Are there cleaning steps that have a higher priority?

The different cleaning processes after fire damage incidents in Forest Hills help achieve different goals, including halting any further deterioration of the property, removing or minimizing hazards, and dealing with soiling. Therefore, some steps have priority over others. Our SERVPRO technicians take steps such as extraction of any water leftover from firefighting efforts first to stop microbial development or other decay processes. We also remove trash or partially burnt materials, which might present risks to anyone venturing into the property. We can also ventilate the affected area to push out particulate-filled air from the room.

Can it be challenging to clean up after minor fire incidents?

When minor fire incidents such as stove flare-ups are controlled on time, they might only damage a few items such as cabinets and ceiling at the source point. The cleaning process is expected to be straightforward. However, several factors can complicate the process, including:

  • Impinged smoke residues
  • Presence of unique residue deposits 
  • Residues in concealed areas such as cabinets

The heat from the flames can open up pores in materials or surfaces in areas affected by the fire allowing smoke residue penetration. Regular cleaning procedures such as wiping the surfaces cannot eliminate such residues effectively. Our SERVPRO technicians improve the level of agitation by using specialized equipment. We also leverage chemical action by applying professional cleaning agents to simplify the removal of impinged or unusual residues such as fuel oil residues.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood responds quickly after a fire incident in your property. You can reach us at (718) 381-3702. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Fire Damage Restoration In Forest Hills

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home We can help you return your home to the way it was before the blaze, “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Restoration In Forest Hills Often Requires Utilizing Deodorization Products

If even a small fire ever starts inside your house in Forest Hills, many problems can take place. Fire damage can often come in the form of soot residues and unpleasant aromas. If the blaze was minor, you might not have suffered from a large amount of burnt or charred contents and building materials, but soot residues can still cause you issues on their own. For example, some soots can stain or ruin certain surfaces.

As a part of fire damage restoration in Forest Hills, our SERVPRO technicians can offer cleaning and deodorization techniques. When the surfaces of your building materials and contents get coated with soils and soot residues as a result of the smoke coming from the blaze, the first step we take is to figure out the best cleaning method. When conducting the first inspection, we can test clean your negatively affected surfaces to see if they can be saved and what chemicals and techniques will work the best. Once we figure out the best methods to use, we can clean all of the surfaces in your home that got coated with soot residues.

In some cases, all foul odors can be neutralized during the cleaning process. In other situations, our SERVPRO team has to conduct further deodorization procedures. When removing unpleasant aromas, we can utilize a variety of deodorization products. For example, odor counteracting beads are made of a porous material that is treated with counteractants. When the bag of beads gets opened, the counteractants are released into the air.

We can also utilize specialized deodorant granules or pellets to help deodorize your structure. These pellets work like a sponge that attracts and holds malodor particles. Water-based counteractants can also be used to neutralize bad smells that exist on surfaces.

Other tools we have at our disposal include wet mist or thermal foggers. These machines get filled with chemicals that get dispensed into the air in tiny particulates that can mimic the way smoke traveled throughout your building. We can also use sealers which can seal in odors that exist from burnt or charred materials.

If you ever notice the presence of soot residues after a small fire burns in your house, call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 any day of the week. We can help you return your home to the way it was before the blaze, “Like it never even happened.”

For more about Forest Hills click here.

When Smoke and Soot From Nearby Fires Enter Your Queens Home

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke around a fire detector Smoke and soot from nearby fires can travel into your home. and leave residues and odors behind.

Fire Damage Includes Smoke Wafting in from Nearby Burning Structures in Your Queens Neighborhood 

Even with closed windows throughout your house, a wildly burning business nearby your Queens residence can make things inside smell smoky. Technicians from SERVPRO can remove this odor from your home or condo. Wiping away any dark soot we find is routine when assisting many of our customers. In this situation, however, we find that soot sediments enter the house differently.  

The interior of nearby homes after a large fire in Queens smell like smoke and fire damage because the particles that cause such odors are so small and able to pass through tiny openings. Cracks in your foundation and around windows and doorways can let in substantial amounts of hot smoke particles. Your house's fresh air intake can let in smoke, too, which is one reason our building services team stays available 24/7, just like we do. 

They can clean out your HVAC system's ducts and remove any traces of smoke, ash, and soot that continually produce offensive odors. Stripping the interior of air ducts, cleaning the vents, and wiping the areas outside each one leaves your home with a fresh scent. 

While the fire occurred, likely, your heating system ran at least once or twice, meaning air from the outside was pulled into your house, bringing in soot particles. Related pressure variations in your home can also cause additional soot to enter through those cracks.  

To further reduce the amount of soot your house contains, we can use thermal fogging techniques. While the fire was not inside of your home, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can assess each area of your residence, allowing the fog to mimic the intrusive smoke adequately enough to achieve the desired results. Bonding with soot helps eliminate odors via molecular bonds that keep odor-causing particles out of the air.  

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood understands fire can be a traumatic experience, even when it happens to someone else. We are near Kew Gardens, Rego Park, and Glendale, and always available to help reduce the impact your family experiences from any source of smoke or fire damage. Call us at (718) 381-3702. 

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Why You Need SERVPRO For Fire Damage Restoration In Forest Hills

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen with an oven turned over with fire and soot damage. Fire damage in your Forest Hills home will need SERVPROS assistants, let us help.

Let us show you how important it is to use us for a fire damage in your Forest Hills home.

Forest Hills residents enjoy an amazing location. Two parkways, two lakes, and an expressway give easy access to the rest of the city and a place nearby for fun and relaxation. Being an amazing place to live does not eliminate the risk of disasters like fire damage to area homes, however. 

So why choose SERVPRO for fire damage to your Forest Hills home? In one word, training. The technicians on our response teams train extensively to the industry standards established by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). After completing the certification, each team member works to maintain and increase their proficiency in the extensive inventory of devices we maintain on-site. 

To restore a home after a fire, that means they master the tools and cleaners needed to remove smoke and soot residues, and eliminate odors in each residence after even a minor blaze. Our technicians know exactly when they can use water to wipe down smooth surfaces like glass tables, and when they need to change to strong cleaners, including sterilants that not only remove the residues but also clean tougher surfaces like tile and porcelain in kitchens and bathrooms. 

SERVPRO team members fully understand how tough it is to remove odors. For especially pungent odors that come from kitchen and garage fires, they have to use multiple steps to accomplish it. Their first step is to clear the air inside by setting fans at doors and windows to increase air circulation. It reduces the odor strength as other team members use sprays to neutralize odor particles on surfaces. 

If the odor-causing residues penetrated deeply into the structure of the home, technicians might switch to an ozone generator. It creates particles that can penetrate as deeply as the residues, effectively eliminating them at the molecular level.

If this is the training and knowledge you want for your home here or in nearby Glendale, Kew Gardens, and Rego Park, contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood today. For more on how we restore your home to its pre-fire condition, call our office at (718) 381-3702. We are here for you.

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Our Technicians Discuss The Fire Damage Cleaning Methods In Forest Hills

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

fire isolated over black background We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Understanding Fire Damage Cleaning Methods In Forest Hills Properties

After the fire damage, then comes the need for fast cleanup. The longer the charred mess sits, the more potential for loss happens.

One mistake frequently made by homeowners in Forest Hills is attempting fire damage cleanup on their own. This type of restoration is never a one-cleaning-solution-fits-all type of situation. There are many things to consider before conducting any kind of mitigation to avoid doing additional damage to both the structure and contents.

Pretesting is Crucial
Many factors affect the restorability of home contents, especially upholstery and carpet. Testing of the fibers tells SERVPRO technicians whether the object is colorfast, resistant to shrinkage, and assists in narrowing down the best cleaning method to use.

To Bleach or Not to Bleach
When SERVPRO technicians remove soils after a fire loss, it is a delicate process. Sometimes soils require chemical altering to release their hold on some materials. In some cases, bleaching works to accomplish this but is never used on dyed materials as the bleaching action can remove or fade the color.

Water Spots Often Accompany Fire Damage
Water stains on carpet and upholstered furnishings are a frequent issue SERVPRO technicians deal with when mitigating fire damage. The technicians have specially formulated cleaners to address problems such as overwetting or browning that sometimes occur. A side effect of saturated furnishings with nailheads, zippers, or other metal accents is rust. Specific cleaning methods if applied quickly enough, have the potential to turn around the rust damage.

Fire Loss Cleanup is Never One-Size-Fits-All
Along with the correct chemical agents, the proper tools and equipment are vital for the best outcome of fire loss cleanup. Items such as hand vacuums with HEPA filtration and dry cleaning sponges are a large part of fire damage mitigation. SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training in simulations, so even unusual cleanup situations do not catch them by surprise.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood stands ready to help local property owners with the cleanup and restoration from fire damage. We are available 24/7 by calling (718) 381-3702, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Consider Our Pack-Out Service During Kew Gardens Fire Damage Remediation

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO save your most precious possessions.

Don't take on that smoke damage alone.

When a fire roars through your Kew Gardens home, it uses anything in its path as fuel. Structural components and fixtures often suffer substantial damage from the heat and flames, and water damage is usually a major problem because firefighters do what it takes to knock the blaze down. Sorting out these significant issues can shift concerns about contents to a back burner. Utilizing our pack-out option streamlines remediation inside your home and allows thoughtful consideration of the fate of the transported items.

Fire damage remediation for Kew Gardens homeowners is an overwhelming proposition. In addition to the long list of tasks, the timeline for completion is daunting. The water removal phase needs to sunset in fewer than 24 to 48 hours to avoid mold growth. Meanwhile, fire residues begin discoloring plastics and appliances within hours, wood and grout darken, metals tarnish after a day. Furnishings and fabrics yellow, metal pits, hardwood needs refinishing, within a week. As more days go by, glass etches, and silver tarnishes.

If SERVPRO does a pack-out right after an assessment, we can slow the progressive damage to contents as well as turning back the corrosive process. Your belongings are secure, documented by our Claims Content Inventory System (CCIS) with lists, digital photos, and barcodes. We move them to our production facility where they are cleaned, dried, restored, and deodorized using specialized procedures and technologically advanced equipment.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training mastered by our employees make each technician multi-talented in fire damage mitigation and restoration. As the production facility staff move through the boxes of possessions, rugs, furniture, clothing, window treatments, and more many items you feared destroyed return to the function and appearance you treasure.

At your home, the structures and fixtures receive professional cleanup after water mitigation and removal. Charred items are evaluated for strength once the burn is scraped or sanded away, the structures restored or discarded with integrity and safety in mind. Soot types match with the products, tools, and techniques research shows are most effective. Odor is cleared, starting with a thorough cleaning and moving to advanced technologies like thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators until the stench neutralizes.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood balances the dual needs for fire damage restoration within your dwelling and packed-out items for one compelling reason -- it takes both to make a house a home. Once the firefighters depart, call us at (718) 381-3702 to plan for your home’s rise from the ashes.

If you would like to learn more about Kew Gardens a little town in NY click here.

A Guide to Buying Home Fire Extinguishers

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Have a fire extinguisher for each floor of your home

A fire extinguisher in your Kew Gardens, NY, home could mean the difference between a cautionary tale you tell for years and a tragedy. Your fire preparedness plan should include placing an extinguisher in an easy-to-reach spot, especially in the kitchen where many home fires start.

A:B:C on the Label

All extinguishers are classified, and home devices have an A, B, or C designation. Many have a combination of the designations. The labels indicate the types of fires you can put out.

  • Class A: appropriate for paper, trash, and wood
  • Class B: grease and flammable liquids
  • fClass C: Electrical appliances and equipment, including live electricity

Other designations are appropriate for warehouses and commercial kitchens.

Strength in the Numbers

Each letter on the label is paired with a number. For example, on a multipurpose extinguisher, you may see: 3-A:40-B:C. The numbers are assigned by the Underwriters Laboratories and describe how effective the fire extinguisher is against specific fires. A 4-A rating indicates a stronger impact against ordinary combustibles than a 3-A. It's normal for the C designation to appear without a number. The designation means that the chemicals within the canister won't conduct electricity. Keep in mind that as these numbers increase, so will the prices.

Weight and Size Matters

After choosing appropriate class designations and strengths, turn your focus to the size of the devices. A portable 2-pound extinguisher is perfect for your car and often comes with hardware to secure it in place. For a home fire, you may want to consider a 5-pound canister for the kitchen or laundry room. A larger model may be best for your garage or workshop. You may even want to consider a stove-top version that pops open to shower baking soda over fires that happen while you're cooking. Before jumping directly to the biggest device, don't forget to factor in your ability to maneuver it during an emergency.

The National Fire Protection Association experts recommend a fire extinguisher for each floor of your home. Turn to home fire remediation professionals to identify each area of the home where fires could happen, and which appropriate device will protect against a fire in your home.

What Does Fire Damage Restoration Involve?

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Boarding up broken window in a Kew Gardens,NY home

The days immediately after a home fire are critical. Homeowners should contact a fire restoration company in Kew Gardens, NY, and notify their insurance provider. The following stages of damage cleaning are necessary to restore a residence.


A service that specializes in fire damage mitigation and restoration will start by assessing the extent of damage. This inspection should include:

  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Water damage due to fire suppression
  • Building materials and contents that can be repaired or restored
  • Materials and contents that must be torn out and replaced

This service may help homeowners provide an insurer with proof of loss. Experts can also lay out a timeline for restoration.


A full-service restoration company will provide mitigation services. These include measures such as:

  • Boarding-up broken windows
  • Tarping over holes in a roof
  • Security fencing

These measures can limit additional damage prior to fire restoration. Sealing off a damaged structure may also prevent trespassing.


Damage cleaning is critical to the restoration process. During this phase, experts will:

  • Remove ash, soot, damaged materials, and contents
  • Clean stained surfaces and items with smoke damage

Filter air and perform odor mitigation
Some of these measures will be done on-site. The service may clean and store smoke-damaged items offsite until restoration is complete.


Once ash, soot, and damaged contents and materials have been removed from the site of a fire, restoration can begin. This may include:

  • Rebuilding damaged structures
  • Re-installing torn out materials and contents
  • Returning cleaned contents

This is the final phase of the fire damage cleanup process. Each stage is critical to restoring the condition of a residence that has suffered a fire.

After a fire at a residence in Kew Gardens, NY, a homeowner should schedule a consultation with a fire restoration company. Insurers prefer to work with certified services that have extensive experience cleaning up smoke and fire damage.