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Can Storm-Related Flood Damage in Forest Hills Cause Structural Problems in Spaces Other Than the Lowest Levels?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Kitchen Interior The observant experts at SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood know where to look for all aspects of storm-based flooding in your home.

Flood Damage in Forest Hills Is Not Confined to the Basement -- Consult with the Professionals at SERVPRO to Make Sure You Account for All Structural Hazards

Flooding conjures up cellars, garden level apartments, and basements knee-high in contaminated water in Forest Hills. These circumstances certainly can challenge after torrential rains and overland flooding. If your home escapes a sodden lower level after heavy rains and winds, do not assume the chance for harm passed over you. Checking other spaces in your home is critical, and if you notice anything amiss, get a professional consultation.

What Signs of Upper-Level Flood Damage Should I Look For?
If your house or apartment sustained any exterior damage, you are probably already alert for flood damage in Forest Hills. Homes may suffer:

    •    Broken windows and doors
    •    Damaged brickwork or siding
    •    Ripped off shingles, flashing, and other roof materials

Can I Be Certain There Is No Flood Damage if I Do Not Observe Any Water Inside?
Just because you see little or no water on surfaces is no assurance that the rain did not intrude. Water can flood into your home and collect unseen in building cavities. Indications of trapped storm flood water include:

    •    New staining on walls or ceilings
    •    Bulging on walls or sagging on ceilings
    •    A sheen on surfaces that looks like ‘sweating”
    •    Unpleasant musty odors or “wet wood” smells
    •    Warping of floors near walls

What Can Be Done if I Have “Flooding” Inside My Building Structures?
Our SERVPRO project manager does a visual inspection and assigns a trained technician to complete moisture detection and metering using infrared imaging and sensitive probes and devices. If we locate trapped water, we consider controlled demolition strategies to release water for removal. Tactics include punching “weep holes,” particularly in ceilings. We also cut or drill holes near the base off walls, and sometimes make “flood cuts” several inches above floor level from stud to stud. These openings also make drying technology more efficient.

The observant experts at SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood know where to look for all aspects of storm-based flooding in your home. Call us at (718) 381-3702 for an assessment and peace of mind, even if you hope you weathered the storm.

Is Mold Affecting the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System in your Business?

9/4/2020 (Permalink)

commercial metal ductwork for HVAC Forest Hill Commercial Buildings Rely on SERVPRO for Cleaning HVAC Ductwork to Remediate Mold Damage

SERVPRO Provides Commercial Mold Remediation in the  Forest Hills Area

Why are commercial HVAC systems at risk of mold infestation?

Businesses in the Forest Hills area rely on the HVAC system to provide staff and customers' ideal conditions throughout the year. Unlike residential systems, a commercial HVAC can be in use all year round. Higher usage dramatically increases the likelihood of malfunction. By failing to replace filters regularly or perform maintenance on a high usage system, you increase the chances of a mold infestation. Since HVAC systems transport recycled air through business premises, an outbreak can spread rapidly, affecting acoustical ceiling tiles, carpets as well as the inner ducts of the system itself. SERVPRO has experience working with commercial properties to overcome potential mold growth issues.

How are HVAC systems inspected for mold damage?

When an HVAC requires mold remediation in your Forest Hills business, it may extend beyond the regular access and maintenance points. To access ducting, we may need to employ circular drilling equipment to open the ducts and inspect the interior walls. These temporary access points can often be resealed using thin metal panels attached to the cavity to return the HVAC to a working condition. If there is a significant amount of mold within ducts, SERVPRO technicians can use ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging equipment to disperse anti-microbial chemicals in the conduits. These chemicals break down microbes and help prevent new colonies from building up through the stages of growth.

What is the benefit of having a clean HVAC system?

  • Removal of potential mold colonies from inside ducts
  • Cost-efficient remediation of the inner HVAC system
  • Inspection and point of contact should a third-party repair be required for the restoration of a faulty appliance
  • Improved IAQ Indoor Air Quality

Dealing with microbial growth promptly can save time and expense in the long run. Contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 306-6536.

How Does Fire Damage Get Cleaned from Contents?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" We have the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire. Call us right away.

Structure fires in Forest Hills homes can be challenging to clean and restore without the products and equipment available to our SERVPRO team. 

Cleaning up your Forest Hills home after a fire loss incident can be a considerable challenge, especially when considering the various types of residues and soiling that could be present. Depending on the combustion rate and the affected materials, each fire disaster's cleanup plan and strategies could look different. Choosing the most efficient paths involves a carefully crafted approach from information obtained in the job scoping and evaluation phases. 

Fire restoration for Forest Hills hinges significantly on the cleaning result that our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood team can provide. Removing smoke and soot residues from structural elements often combine several tactics happening at once. In some situations, chemical agents can remove stubborn soiling from surfaces while abrasive cleaning techniques like soda and media blasting are ideal for thicker coatings that could result in staining or marring of the underlying substrate. 

When Does Cleaning Occur Over Replacement? 

Our restoration mentality relies on cleaning and recovering damaged items and structural elements rather than immediately choosing controlled demolition and later reconstruction. While some fire restoration companies might believe that rebuilding is inevitable, our SERVPRO restorers and contractors understand that the choice in material discarding over cleaning relies on several individual factors. These include: 

  • Cost-Efficiency - The replacement costs must become a factor in whether removal and rebuilding is a better option for the customer. With cheaper building materials like drywall, replacement might be more cost-efficient than cleaning and restoration. 
  • Accessibility - How challenging restoration efforts are can also play a role in the likelihood of tear-out and reconstruction options getting chosen. 
  • High-Valued Contents or Structural Elements - With properties that have been constructed with higher quality materials, restoration might be worth the added time cleaning can take. For example, replacement materials for our historic properties can be nearly impossible to match with modern offerings. 

What Types of Content Cleaning Approaches Are Effective with Fire Losses? 

The contents of your home must require the same attention and consideration that structural elements receive. On-site restoration and cleaning all can reduce the costs of recovery for these damaged items and furniture. Depending on the affected materials and the severity of the damage, a few specific cleaning techniques and products are used to help. 

  • Spray & Wipe – Cleaning products get designed primarily to address surface aesthetics after a fire impacts the contents and furniture in your home. Using rags, dry sponges, and other equipment, residues and soiling can get sufficiently addressed. 
  • Foam Cleaning – Using a pump sprayer with a shampooing product or an upholstery brush, we can use a cleaner that heavily foams to lift light soils from upholstered, fabric furniture. 
  • Abrasive Cleaning – These solutions use products as much as physical actions to achieve the desired result. While we have abrasive chemical agents, often applying chemicals with agitative cleaning utensils, such as steel wool or pads, can also have the desired effect. 
  • Immersion Cleaning – While it is feasible to establish immersive cleaning approaches on-site, off-site restoration at our SERVPRO facility can utilize our Ultrasonic Immersion Tank for more efficient results. 

Is Off-Site Recovery Worth It? 

After a fire, many homes and their contents are worse for the wear. Even with the fast response of experienced technicians like our SERVPRO team, off-site recovery and restoration of your valuables and belongings can be inevitable. There are a few advantages to allowing pack out to occur:

  • Advanced Cleaning – Unlike the limitations of cleaning and restoring your belongings in the recently damaged property, we have the full measure of cleaning and restoration capabilities in our warehouse. 
  • Deodorizing Item Lots – With areas like the ozone chamber, entire lots of smoke-damaged materials and contents can get deodorized simultaneously. 
  • Safe Storage & Inventory – Effective inventory solutions mean that our technicians know where your belongings are and can safely store them until they are ready for return. 
  • Staging – Before returning to your home after fire recovery, staging restored belongings in our warehouse allows our technicians to look over everything one last time to ensure we have addressed all smoke and fire damages.

Fire losses can be traumatic for homeowners, especially when contents and structural elements become damaged by smoke and soot residues. Give our SERVPRO of Forest Hill / Ridgewood team a call to help you however you need at (718) 381-3702.

What’s the Hurry? Why Do I Need to Move Fast When I Find a Little Water Leak in My Forest Hills Home?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Broken Dishwasher Our focus on and success with water mitigation is why SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood is an industry leader in our region.

While You Wait, Damage Worsens and Spreads, Why SERVPRO Arrives Promptly to Design a Water Mitigation Plan for Forest Hills Residents

Research and experience bear this out -- a “little” leak in your Forest Hills abode can mean thousands of dollars worth of damage behind the scenes. Slow leaks and seeping connections or cracked caulking allows water to invade over days, weeks, and months. When the entire situation is evaluated eventually, here is why we worry about what could be hiding behind those walls and ceilings:

    •    Wet, moldy insulation with a greatly diminished R-factor
    •    Swelling, weakened framing, with rusted fasteners threatening to collapse
    •    Crumbling drywall or cracked lath and plaster
    •    Ceilings holding gallons of stagnant, contaminated water ready to breakthrough

Why Rely on Water Mitigation Professionals for a Minor Leak?

Drops add up, resulting in gallons of water needing mitigation in your Forest Hills home. Definitely contact a plumber to fix the leak, but be sure that a reputable water damage assessor reviews the surrounding building materials for damage. Water is not a benign substance. It is incredibly corrosive to conventional structural components, why a thorough analysis of previous damage, and any residual caches of water and lingering moisture is critical.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is one or more interventions intended to halt progressive damage by removing the liquid and absorbed water from the structure and its contents. These interventions are at the heart of the services we provide, why SERVPRO is highly regarded and so efficient and effective at stopping water damage in its tracks.

Our focus on and success with water mitigation is why SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood is an industry leader in our region. Call us at (718) 381-3702 to schedule an assessment complete with a mitigation planning session.

How Can Mold Removal Companies Help Your Forest Hills Business?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

black mold all over a wall in a business Mold is dangerous and can hide from you and cause damage to your business. Call SERVPRO for mold damage remediation services.

Forest Hill Businesses Need Mold Removal Companies They Can Trust

Forest Hill business owners put a lot of time and effort into looking after their commercial properties. Many businesses plan for significant events such as fire or flood, but they do not always think about the risk of mold growth.

Commercial mold removal companies help Forest Hill businesses deal with mold issues on their premises. SERVPRO trains our technicians to respond to inquiries quickly and professionally. We know that your business matters to you – by calling in a professional mold removal company, you can focus on running your business and leave the remediation to the experts.

Why do I need a professional mold removal company?

Mold can grow in hidden spaces and spread throughout your business rapidly. All mold needs to grow is a moist environment and material such as drywall, wood, or carpet to feed it.

A professional mold removal company is the best choice for your business because:

  • We have the tools to test for hidden moisture and assess under carpets and behind paint and wallpaper
  • We have powerful negative air machines to help us contain mold outbreaks and prevent further spread
  • We train our technicians to deep clean affected areas and ensure your property is as dry as possible 

What is the SERVPRO mold remediation process?

SERVPRO’s mold remediation process is comprehensive:

  • We start with an assessment of the situation, including testing for moisture using meters, thermal hygrometers, and thermal imaging
  • We draw up the best plan for your business
  • We set up containment to prevent mold spores spreading
  • We thoroughly clean affected rooms and furniture, including HVAC systems if necessary
  • We deodorize your property to leave it smelling “Like it never even happened.”

Our technicians are fully equipped with meters, negative air machines, air scrubbers, and cleaning solutions, so you can rest assured we have the tools to deal with any mold situation. We can also help with pack-out services if the situation warrants it. We can also liaise with insurance agents on your behalf.

If you are concerned about mold in your business, give SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood a call at (718) 381-3702.

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What Flooding Conditions Can Result from Structural Breaches in Forest Hills Homes?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

demolished ceiling panels showing infrastructure Storms Damage Roofs in Forest Hills Resulting in Extensive Damage--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Storm damages can leave your property vulnerable to threatening conditions like flooding and microbial growth.

It can be traumatic to see your Forest Hills home contending with widespread floodwater, especially when you are among several properties in the community facing these same circumstances. The faster that you can address the present concerns, the less of a lasting impact they ultimately have on the house. Long exposures of materials to floodwater, even clean water conditions, can deteriorate and degrade the building material the point of requiring replacement and repairs. The effects of substantial weather events can impact how susceptible your property remains to continued damages from flooding or other concerns.

Storm damage in Forest Hills homes and businesses can vary from one structure to the next, meaning that the same preparation for recovery is not recommended. We investigate each of the restoration and repair tasks that we undertake beforehand, making sure that we understand the specific actions that must get taken and the desired results. With storm losses, we can contend with both substantial structural concerns for the property as well as the connected damages with situations like subsequent flooding in the house. In most instances, some of the primary structural concerns can get temporarily addressed when technicians arrive following the first notice of flood damage.

What are Emergency Services?

The purpose of emergency services is to prevent conditions present after a flood from getting out of control before mitigation begins. While there are ultimately many stages of set up that must occur to allocate resources, personnel, and equipment to where it is necessary, emergency services are efforts to tide a property over until more direct mitigation and recovery steps can follow. Some of these actions by our in-house contractors and our qualified water restoration technicians include:

  • Debris Removal – There are direct concerns with solids, debris, and mud that could impact the entire structure. Muck-out cleaning is a service provided to reduce the present contaminant levels and reveal structural concerns.
  • Extraction – Water removal can be a vital element to the overall recovery of flood loss incidents, especially in situations where standing water remains isolated to a specific place in the house like the attic or basement.
  • Repairs – Structural damages are not uncommon, especially in situations where severe weather events test the limitations of shingles, siding, underlayment materials, and other exterior defenses.
  • Temporary Construction Solutions – When repairs are not possible immediately, sealing the breaches in the house can have the same initial effect. Our contractors can seal up roof damages with tarps or provide board-up services for openings or missing windows.

How Can Your Roof Become Damaged?

Severe weather events can often target the roof of your home above the other structural exterior elements. The roof is one of the first lines of defense to protect your home, divert water away from the structure, and absorb the impact of brutal weather conditions. High winds, hail, torrential rainfall, and other conditions can all have immediate and destructive impacts on the entire roof system. Because many homes in the area are comprised of roof systems that feature plywood, wooden joists, a thin weatherproofing membrane, and shingles, a failure in any of these individual elements can allow water penetration to reach the inside of your property. Between torrential rains and heavy snowfalls at different points of the year, general damages to your roof include:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Saturated Underlayment
  • Partial/Total Collapse

What Threats Exist with Openings in the Exterior of Your Home?

Damage to the sides of your home can also have an immediate and severe impact on the property overall. It is not a considerable challenge for conditions to exist that both break out windows and force rain into the structure. Wind-driven rain and other precipitation events can quickly damage the immediately affected areas, allowing for situations like pooling that threatens flooring systems, wall systems, and other porous construction materials. Often the entry points for this type of flooding include:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Skylights

How Likely is Flooding from the Foundation?

With enough pressure built on the outside of blockwork used in constructing a foundation for the home, it is not challenging for water to penetrate vulnerabilities. Once breaches exist, they continually worsen and grow until resolved by our responding contractors. We have multiple repair tactics for these conditions, including sealing up cracks and penetration points from inside with fast-setting patch material.

Flooding is often one of the most destructive disasters to impact residences throughout our area, so it is a situation that we stay prepared to respond to fast. Storms can strike with little warning, so you can count on our SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood to get there quickly with the equipment and personnel to help. Give us a call at (718) 381-3702.

How Do I Get Soot Off My Furniture In My Forest Hills Home?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt house after the fire As soon as the first responders give the all-clear for entry to your home, call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for fire damage.

SERVPRO technicians have the comprehensive training to remove the soot without damaging your furnishings in your Forest Hills home

Even a small fire in Forest Hills that got extinguished quickly and did little charring can leave behind copious amounts of soot on walls, ceilings, and furnishings. Soot is caustic, and when mixed with water or fire, extinguishing fluids can cause more severe damage to surfaces, particularly the finishes on wood and chrome fixtures. Your best bet for a good outcome is to bring in a professional restoration services company. They have the equipment, tools, and cleaning agents to lift away soot without marring surfaces.

Can Carpets Get Cleaned Through Fire Damage Restoration Methods?

Upon arrival at your Forest Hills home for fire damage restoration services, the SERVPRO techs will scope the area to determine the scale of the fire loss area. Many factors draw the line between reuse and disposal when it comes to carpet, such as:
    •    If the fibers have any heat damage or charring  
    •    The construction materials used for the carpet and backing
    •    If water damage is present

In cases where the carpet has the potential for cleaning, the technicians use vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove as much loose soot as possible and then use professional steam cleaners that wash the fibers and leave no residues behind. This method of cleaning works to neutralize embedded odors within the threads at the same time. If the loss area requires any additional odor control, the techs have access to an array of choices depending on the level of the application needed.

As soon as the first responders give the all-clear for entry to your home, call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for fire damage restoration. The trained technicians can handle any size fire loss to save as much of your home and contents as possible through their advanced cleaning methods.

What Are Some Water Restoration Companies Near Me in Forest Hills?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

a metal pipe with water dripping out and around it Water can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Contact SERVPRO for water damage mitigation in your home.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills Can Provide You with Water Damage Restoration Services!

You may find yourself wondering what local Forest Hills water damage restoration companies are near you once an accident occurs. Statistically, many homes find themselves facing water damage at some point. It could be something as small as a leaking dishwasher, or as grand as a broken pipe. However, no matter how the water damage comes to your home, it is essential to get help quickly.

Calling for a professional Forest Hills water damage restoration company as fast as possible can make a significant difference in the remediation process. For example, the longer water damage sits, the more potential it has to cause further damage to your home.

What Are Some Examples of the Damage That Can Happen? 

As standing water or excess moisture lingers, it can cause many problems throughout your home. For example:

  • In a bathroom, tile could split and crack due to swelling baseboards
  • In a kitchen, cabinetry could swell as it absorbs excess moisture and become misshapen 
  • In a bedroom, a leaking pipe could lead to mold damage growing behind your walls 

Water damage has the power to cause many issues throughout your home. For this reason, getting help fast could save your home many expenses.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Remediate Water Damage in My Bathroom? 

Imagine a leaking toilet tank caused water damage to the wall behind it. Our SERVPRO technicians could do the following during the remediation process: 

  • Remove the toilet from the wall, so we have access to the damage
  • Make cuts to remove the damaged drywall and minimize chances of microbial growth
  • Use drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and heaters, to reduce excess moisture

Our technicians use advanced equipment to get the job done. Additionally, our SERVPRO techs can also use axial fans and air movers to ensure the damage has constant access to dry airflow.

If your home requires the help of a water damage restoration company, don't hesitate. Contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood by dialing (718) 381-3702. We're open 24/7.

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What is the Difference Between DIY Damage Cleanup and Using a Professional Service in Queens?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

overflowing toilet in a public bathroom Regardless of the inconvenient situation at hand, team SERVPRO is ready to help. Contact our certified technicians right away.

SERVPRO technicians are ready to come to your Queens property and perform any needed actions to approach  preloss condition

There are many ways that loss can hit a commercial property in Queens such as fire, water, mold, or biohazard situations; however, the one thing all these scenarios have in common is the quicker the cleanup starts has the potential to lessen the loss experienced by the property owner. When a property disaster happens, it is vital to bring in a professional mitigation company to oversee the cleanup and restoration of the property for the best outcome. DIY efforts can lead to: 

  • Accidentally spreading mold spores or soot in the case of fire loss
  • Ruining items that had restoration potential through improper cleaning methods
  • Water extraction or drying takes too long and cause deterioration of building materials or mold

What Can Commercial Restoration Companies Do for a Business That Needs Cleanup? 

It is hard to close your Queens business when you need help from commercial restoration companies to get the loss turned around. SERVPRO techs do a lot more than show up with wet/dry vacs and fans. The techs have access to a diverse array of both extraction and drying equipment. The goal is to save as much as possible from needing replacement in terms of both structure and contents and get the property reopened quickly. Disasters can hit properties in a lot of different ways.

Water Damage 

Whether it happened due to a pipe leak or toilet overflow, SERVPRO techs have the expertise to remove the water and dry the property. When the water loss contains sewage or other contaminants, it is vital to not come in contact with the water unless wearing protective clothing. The techs practice safety for all during mitigation and work to lessen the loss by moving out items off-site for storage or cleaning as needed to save the property or shop owner the cost of replacement.

Storm and Flood Damage

When flood damage ruins your Queens commercial property, the techs are ready to clean up the water and dry the structure. Controlled demolition is a normal part of mitigation, mainly when dealing with flood water within a structure.

Fire Damage  

It is vital to test the smoke residues to ensure the proper cleaning methods get used for the best outcome. With their specialized cleaning agents and manual cleaning tools, the techs can clean up any size fire damage within a structure. Soot within the ductwork can also be a problem, and the techs have the equipment to perform any needed deep cleaning, including ductwork.

Mold Damage 

Once mold takes residence within your commercial property, it will not want to leave. The techs have extensive training in the remediation of mold. They can carefully perform abatement to remove the dry colony matter and also address the reasons for the favorable conditions for sustaining the infestation.

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

As COVID-19 has become a concern for many commercial properties, assuring your employees and clients that your property has high sanitary standards can help build trust that your company puts a priority on safety. SERVPRO has antibacterial cleaning agents, and after cleaning, they test surfaces to ensure there are no bacteria or pathogens present.

Professional Equipment and Solutions are Crucial

When SERVPRO arrives on-site to assist local businesses with the cleanup, the techs bring everything they need to complete the job in their green service vans. Typically it includes:

  • Extraction and drying equipment
  • Plastic for containment
  • Professional-grade cleaning agents
  • Generators when the power is out

Odor Control is Another Reason to Choose a Professional Restoration Service  

Water can leave behind unpleasant musty odors, and fire damage has a distinctive smell that must be eradicated before any repairs or rebuilding can occur. Foul scents such as these need elimination rather than covering up with sprays or stand-alone air fresheners. The technicians have access to a large number of devices that work to neutralize both airborne and embedded odors within a structure.

With their collective decades of experience, the techs have the knowledge and expertise to handle a small clogged restroom sink overflow or a massive scale fire that gutted a property. They approach each job site with both professionalism and compassion to make one of the most stressful situations a property investor can face a little easier to deal with.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 when you need the help of a commercial restoration services company. The technicians have the skills and equipment to turn around any amount of loss to your property and bring it to its former condition.

My Forest Hills Home is Flooded After a Storm. Where Can I Get Assistance to Restore it to Normal?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

Living room carpet flooding Call us today at (718) 381-3702 to restore your property to its preloss state.

Call SERVPRO Technicians to Conduct Storm Flood Damage Restoration in Your Forest Hills Residence

Storm flood damage can be deep-rooted and devastating to property owners. It can cause structural damage and undermine the foundation and structural integrity of your Forest Hills property. Therefore, you should hire professionals from SERVPRO to prevent costly repairs.

Are there any mistakes I should avoid?

One mistake you can make is trying to handle the flood damage in your Forest Hills property yourself. Without the proper skills and equipment, you can cause further damage that can lead to costly repairs. A common mistake is beginning repairs before eradicating moisture properly. A cosmetic fix only looks acceptable for a brief time. After a few months, the moisture trapped by the fresh finishing materials can cause problems.

What are the secondary damages linked to flooding?

The secondary damages of flooding are adverse, and only certified professionals can minimize them. Pooling floodwater, debris, bacteria, and chemicals can cause issues such as:

    •    Mold growth: The trapped floodwater, and water ingress creates a conducive environment for mold growth, which poses health risks.
    •    Wood shrinkage and swelling: If you have wood flooring, it is essential to note that it absorbs water naturally. It releases the absorbed water depending on the fluctuating atmospheric conditions.
    •    Surface staining: As floodwater flows into your property, it may tag along with minerals in solution form. The water can deposit the minerals in surfaces such as wall and floor finishes.
    •    Persistent odors: A damp smell may linger in all corners of your property for an extended period. Materials such as wood may decay, leading to odors in your property.

How can your restorers dry wood materials and flooring?

The drying process is vital during flood damage restoration. We can use advanced equipment to speed up the process. After removing the water using pumps, our SERVPRO technicians can use a portable electric heater to direct heat towards the wooden floor. The machine uses heat exchangers to transfer heat from hot coils to the air streams that air movers produce. This process speeds up the rate of evaporation on the wood materials.

Can you combat the foul odor?

Odors can make it difficult for you to live in the property. Our technicians can use an air filtration device to remove airborne particles and odors from the air. The equipment draws dirty indoor air into a series of filters, which capture odors and gases and exhausts clean air into the environment. It removes gases and odors by attracting odor molecules to the filters through absorption.

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood has decades of experience and advanced equipment that we can use to manage the storm flood damage in your property. Call us today at (718) 381-3702 to restore your property to its preloss state.