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Get Professional Water Cleanup Services in Queens from SERVPRO

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged floor with pools of water Water damage restoration is a specialty of SERVPRO. We have the equipment and manpower for any size disaster.

Queens Residents look to SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration of their homes 

The aftermath of water damage can leave any Queens homeowner in a state of despair and confusion. Seeking the help of professional restorers is the best thing you can do in such a situation. A team of SERVPRO restoration experts can begin the restoration process as soon as we hear from you. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Drying is a major step during the water damage remediation process at your Queens home. As a surface dries, moisture evaporates, and the surface cools down, causing the rate of evaporation to fall over time. SERVPRO technicians use heated air to increase the humidity ratio of the air, thereby speeding up the drying process. 

What Heating Equipment do SERVPRO Techs Use During Water Damage Repair of Your Queens Home? 

SERVPRO restorers use heat and air exchange drying systems to reduce the drying time during the water damage remediation process. Some of the equipment we use to achieve this include:

  • Portable electric heaters: Used to direct heated air toward a particular area. Most of these units use heat exchangers to transfer heat from electrically heated coils to air streams produced by air moving equipment
  • Indirect fired furnaces: Takes dry outside air, heats it, and introduces it into the drying zone. These systems can heat the entire structure and speed up the drying process. Such systems are usually set up outside your Queens home.

Call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for fast and efficient service. 

Queens Business Owners Trust SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

commercial building with fire damage. Commercial building damaged by fire is no lost cause. Call the pros at SERVPRO for the fire remediation service needed.

24/7 Unparalleled Response Anywhere in Queens

Fire damage to your Queens commercial property can be a distressing experience. Taking prompt control of the situation and calling in the experts is the quickest way to get your business up and running. SERVPRO restoration experts are available 24/7 to assist you in your hour of need. Our technicians have years of experience and expertise to handle any size fire damage disaster in Queens. 

Deodorizing unpleasant odors is a significant challenge in a Queens fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup of commercial space. SERVPRO technicians use a systematic approach to tackle these odors and restore your businesses "Like it never even happened." 

Equipment SERVPRO uses to Deodorize your Queens commercial property During Fire and Smoke Remediation.

SERVPRO technicians in Queens use a variety of equipment in the deodorization process after smoke damage. Some of these include:

  • Air Scrubbers- Contain charcoal filters that capture odor-causing particles and recirculate the air back into the indoor environment.
  • Ventilation fans- Exchange indoor and outdoor air. The indoor air is exhausted out, and fresh air is drawn indoors from outside.
  • Ozone generators- Produce ozone (O3) which is an unstable molecule. When ozone combines with odor-causing particles, it permanently destroys them by oxidation, causing an effective deodorization.

Call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for 24/7 fire damage restoration service. 

Flood Damage to your Queens home? Call SERVPRO

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

tree fallen into home after storm. Storm damage is really creative. SERVPRO has just the trick to end the misery and get your home back to preloss condition.

How can SERVPRO Help Queens Residents After Flood Damage Due to a Storm? 

Queens is the largest borough of New York City, with a population exceeding 2.2 million. Established in 1683, it was one of the original 12 counties of the Province of New York. It is also touted to have one of the most diversified economies of all the boroughs of New York. Queens is home to both the airports (JFK International airport and LaGuardia airport) serving New York City. You can see high-rise buildings coexisting with some traditional low-rise houses in the borough. 

Diversity and a unique amalgamation of various cultures from around the world is the hallmark of Queens. From world-class sporting venues to some of the most entertaining museums, Queens has something for every visitor. Some of the must-visit places in Queens are-

  • The Queens Night Market- The Queens Night Market in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is the epitome of the cultural diversity of the Queens borough. Paying an homage to Asia's night markets, this open-air food extravaganza is organized every Saturday night from April to October. An average of 10,000 visitors gathers at the event every Saturday to partake in this weekly food celebration. 

There are hundreds of independent vendors selling delicious food, art, and other merchandise in the market. The event features food from as many as 80 countries around the globe. There is also a $6 price cap on all food available for sale in the market.

  • Museum of the Moving Image- It is a one-of-a-kind multimedia museum dedicated to the craft of cinema, television, and digital art. The museum has the nation's largest collection of props and artifacts from movies and TV. The 'Behind the Screen' exhibit of the museum allows the visitor to immerse into the art of movie-making through a combination of interactive experiences and demonstrations. 
  • Queens Botanical Garden- Created for the 1939 New York World's Fair, it is a majestic 39-acre site. Many small gardens within the area feature plants of particular significance to various cultures around the world. The Fragrance walk and the Busy Bee Garden are two of the best areas of the garden. 

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Water Cleanup Service After a Storm to Queens Residents

Unexpected flooding after a storm in your Queens home can leave any homeowner devastated and clueless. The SERVPRO team of expert restorers can help you get things under control and protect the property and its content from any significant damage. 

SERVPRO restorers are experienced and equipped to tackle any flooding situation occurring after a storm due to-

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roofs from a storm
  • Basement flooding 

Removing the standing water is the technicians' priority as soon as they arrive at your flooded Queens home and requires multiple tools and equipment. Some of this equipment includes:

We offer efficient water removal and cleanup strategies to Queens's residents no matter the size of the damage. Call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 today. 

Should Queens’s Homeowners Do Their Own Water Damage Cleanup?

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

Burst main water line A water intrusion is no easy clean-up. SERVPRO has the means and equipment for any size water restoration service needed.

Letting SERVPRO provide water damage restoration is a better option.

Homeowners often think cleaning up a simple water intrusion from something like burst pipes is the best option. That is not always the case. There are excellent reasons for hiring a professional water removal service company like SERVPRO.

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Remediation

When your ceiling leaks or your basement floods and you need water cleanup in your Queen’s home, using a qualified water restoration company is wise. The benefits of employing SERVPRO include:

•    Insurance Company – Your insurance company may cover the cost of things like basement flooding clean-up if you use a professional company.

•    Safety – Safety should always be a top consideration. Certified specialists know what safety concerns to look for when dealing with water.

•    Efficiency – Fast mitigation is vital to prevent secondary damage. We do a scope on arrival and then hit the ground running.

•    Commercial-Equipment – Most homeowners do not have the industrial-strength equipment needed for water damage remediation

Do-it-yourself water cleanup takes time. Time that allows the water to begin to do more damage and cause problems like mold. Contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for expert water removal services. 

Faulty Appliances Can Lead to Water Damage Repair in Forest Hills

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher overlow Kitchen appliances tend to spring a leak. Call SERVPRO for the water remediation service no matter the size.

SERVPRO provides water clean up when appliances cause in-home flooding

HVAC systems, water heaters, and overflowing bathtubs all some of the common causes of household flooding. Appliances can also be a major cause of water intrusions. 

Professional Water Removal Services

The three appliances that cause the most water damage problems to Forest Hills homes, and call for water damage repair services, are:

  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators with ice makers
  • Washing machines

When these appliances are faulty, thousands of gallons of water can pour into your home rapidly. When this happens, you need water damage remediation fast! Here are some tips to prevent flooding from happening:

  • Refrigerators with Ice Makers – The copper water line that supplies water to the ice maker can become unattached or develop leaks. Check it occasionally to ensure there are no problems.
  • Washing Machines – Burst supply lines are typically the problem here. Check them often for pinholes, wetness, or cracks.
  • Dishwashers – Supply lines can leak, causing moisture intrusion. Dishwashers can back up, which can lead to requiring water cleanup.

If you need water removal services after a faulty appliance sends water all over the place, contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702. We can assist with all types of water restoration needs, including basement flooding cleanup.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Queens

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

fire in kitchen Odor residue from a fire in your home is not easy to handle. SERVPRO techs are trained and experienced in the remediation process.

Queens’s residents count on SERVPRO to provide fire and smoke damage restoration.

Queens is a very diversified and busy borough of New York. It began in 1683 as one of the first twelve counties of the Province of New York. Over 2,239,722 people live in Queens, and they make up an incredible array of cultures. Almost half of the people living there are foreign-born. There are many fascinating things to do, places to visit, and foods to enjoy. It is rich in history but decidedly modern in many aspects.

Home to the World’s Fair Twice

One of Queen’s claims to fame is it hosted the World’s Fair in 1939 and 1964. The first one held there was the second costliest American world’s fair. Only St Louis surpassed it in 1904. Some of the key features were:

• Franklin D Roosevelt’s speech was televised

• Albert Einstein gave a speech on cosmic rays

• Westinghouse time capsule, not to be open until the year 6939

• July 3, 1940, was Superman Day 

• 1st World Science Fiction Convention

• Frank Buck’s Jungleland

The 1964 World’s Fair was held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park too. The theme was “Peace Through Understanding.” Key features of this fair included:

• Showcasing American culture, technology, and the Space Age

• Many people’s 1st interaction with computers

• Vatican Pavilion, featuring Michelangelo’s Pieta

• Medieval Belgian Village

• Various state pavilions

• Displays dedicated to American industry

• Venue used by Walt Disney to design his Audio-Animatronics.

Queens Public Library

The Queens Public Library is one of the busiest libraries in the United States. They have over 80,000 free classes, cultural events, workshops, and activities. There is everything from workshops for moms to virtual science clubs. It is simply phenomenal what they have to offer—no need to be bored with all the activities happening at this library. And yes, they have lots of books!

Great Places to Eat

With all the cultures present in Queens, there is no lack of great places to eat. Many are currently only doing take-out or delivery, but that is no reason not to enjoy some delicious eats. Check out these eateries:

• Chinelos Birria Tacos - Mexican

• Yumpling – Taiwanese

• Nneji – African

• Niko’s Souvlaki – Greek

• Caleta 111 – Peruvian

• Followsoshi – Japanese

Astoria Park

If you enjoy swimming, Astoria Park is the perfect place to be. It has the largest and oldest swimming pool in the city. Not only that, but there is no charge to enjoy this lovely aquatic feature. You can relax while taking in the beautiful view, go walking on the trails or let the kids play on the playgrounds. 

SERVPRO Proudly Offers Expert Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Something as simple as small trash can fire extinguished quickly can leave smoke residue on the walls of your home. The tendency is to wipe them down and then repaint. That can actually do more damage to your walls. Calling a professional fire damage restoration company is the best thing to do. When we are called out to fire damaged homes, our technicians:

• Carefully inspect ceilings and walls

• Determine the type of smoke residue present

• Use the precise cleaning agent needed to remove soot

• Encapsulate odors with sealants if needed

• Prime and repaint 

SERVPRO teams are experts at smoke remediation. House fire cleanup is much easier when you use the pros. Contact SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood at (718) 381-3702 for all your fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup needs.

Getting Mold Remediation for a Forest Hills Home?

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

mold damage ceiling Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO technicians are trained and experienced in mold remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Specialize in Mold Remediation Services

On top of being unpleasant to smell and affecting indoor air quality, mold destroys more wood each year than fires and termites combined. While microbial growth is slow-moving, the damage to structures and contents can be costly.

SERVPRO technicians are certified to render mold remediation for Forest Hills properties with the help of licensed technicians and EPA-approved biocides designed to curb mold growth to normal levels.

SERVPRO Training for Technicians and Franchise Owners

SERVPRO’s dedication to education, licensure, and training for both technicians and franchise owners is a crucial part of ensuring a consistently high standard of service that is consistent with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards.

  • Franchise owners undergo a hands-on 15-day Initial Franchise Training course at the SERVPRO Corporate Training Facility
  • SERVPRO technicians and staff alike are encouraged to earn further certification and education through self-paced e-Learning modules and credit and non-credit courses
  • Courses are also available for insurance and real estate professionals who wish to learn more about disaster mitigation and restoration

Call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood for emergency-response mold remediation at (718) 381-3702.

Does Your Queens Business Need Water Cleanup?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged office Water damage buildings can be a hassle. Let SERVPRO techs handle the dirty work for you. Water restoration is one of our specialities.

SERVPRO Restores Water-Damaged Queens Establishments

Commercial entities require a consistently high standard of care to keep their employees and customers alike safe. Water damage affects the integrity of structural materials, damages assets, and facilitates mold growth.

SERVPRO renders rapid-response water cleanup for Queen's facilities regardless of when it occurs. This 24/7 availability ensures that businesses can reopen more quickly and safely.

Drying Wet Ceiling Cavities

When technicians arrive on your commercial property and find water stains and odors on ceiling tiles or drywall, they can remove irreparable materials with the assent of property owners and insurance adjusters. They can then focus on moisture extraction with portable extractors and drying with air movers and dehumidifiers.

Other tasks crucial to drying ceiling cavities include:

  • Inspecting ceiling joists for microbial contamination for subsequent cleaning with OSHA-approved antimicrobials
  • Measuring dryness of materials with moisture sensors, meters, and thermal imaging cameras
  • Controlling odors with scented granules and ultra-low volume fogging depending on the extent and duration of the water damage

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood provides water cleanup for commercial property owners who call (718) 381-3702.

Cleaning Up After Home Fire Damage?

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fire damage done to your home should be handled by the professionals. SERVPRO techs are IICRC certified for any size fire damaged home.

SERVPRO Techs Remediate Damage to Queens Properties

Queens holds the honor of being New York City’s largest borough and the second-most populated. The borough is located in Queens County and is also the second-largest New York state county by population.

Queens is also distinguished among the other boroughs of New York for being one of the most culturally diverse places in America and the most linguistically varied in the world. New York State Comptroller data indicates that 138 languages are spoken in Queens, including:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Urdu
  • Tagalog

Over half of residents surveyed aged five and older in Queens–over 1.1 million people–spoke a language other than English at home.

Queens’ Economy and Employment

Queens is second only to Manhattan when it comes to the size of its economy. Nearly one-fifth of all private-sector jobs in New York City are in Queens. Overall, employment is diverse yet evenly balanced between retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and TV and film production.

In 2004, transportation, trade, and utilities were the most crucial portion of the borough’s job economy.l This sector is incredibly vital, considering that two of New York City’s three major airports are located in Queens. Airlines alone employed approximately 25% of residents and accounted for almost a third of the area’s reported wages. In 2012, healthcare, education, and social services-related jobs dominated the local economy.

Large businesses headquartered in Queens include:

  • Bulova in East Elmhurst
  • Glacéau in Whitestone
  • Steinway & Sons in Astoria
  • JetBlue Airways in Long Island City

Various job sectors dominate specific areas in Queens. Flushing, for example, is a hub for Chinese- and Korean-American businesses. Jamaica’s local economy emphasizes civic and transportation jobs, while Long Island City is a renowned manufacturing hub.

In the mid-2010s, New York City became a flourishing hub for tech companies in “Silicon Alley.” The majority of New York City tech startups are in Manhattan, but the remaining boroughs, including Queens, house promising technology firms. This development has turned New York City as a whole into North America’s leading Internet and telecommunications hub, bolstered by its proximity to transatlantic fiber-optic infrastructure.

How Does SERVPRO Availability Help Queens Property Owners?

When fire damage occurs in Queen's residences, SERVPRO professionals prioritize swift arrival to minimize property damage and return structures to a pre-fire condition.

SERVPRO availability means:

  • Property owners can contact the team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays
  • Mitigation from a locally-owned and operated restoration firm that is Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified
  • Restoration services include fire and water damage mitigation, odor control, and upholstery and fabric cleaning
  • Professional-grade tools include personal protective equipment (PPE), HEPA-filter vacuums, and EPA-registered antimicrobials
  • A restoration-oriented mentality emphasizes property cleanup and repair over replacement when possible to minimize interruptions to your day-to-day schedule after a fire

SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood renders fire damage mitigation services for homeowners who call (718) 381-3702.

Can Plumbing Emergencies Force Business Closure?

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

two male employees in a garage trying on face shield equipment Don't let water damage close your business down. Call SERVPRO, they will work around your hours to get you back up and running in no time.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Cleanup Teams in Queens Can Minimize the Impact of Plumbing Malfunctions at your Business

Plumbing systems at business premises are generally under more consistent usage than those found in residential properties. High levels of use can pressure the plumbing system, resulting in a leak, backup, or pipe burst. In some situations, these malfunctions can impact a business by forcing temporary closure and lost revenue.

Contacting a commercial water cleanup service in Queens can reduce the business costs of a plumbing malfunction by reducing closure times. SERVPRO uses local, qualified technicians that can reach your business within four hours of notification of loss. Using advanced equipment, we can shut off the source of damage, extract water, and return the premises to a sanitary state. 

  • Using portable and truck-mounted water extractors, our team can remove large volumes of water, up to 100 gallons, quickly from the premises.
  • Advanced dehumidification equipment can control microbial growth and prevent potential vapor damage.
  • We can disinfect and decontaminate the area of damage using a full range of industrial cleaning products. 

Professional restoration services can reduce the impact of business interruption. Call SERVPRO of Forest Hills / Ridgewood for expert water cleanup at (718) 571-8072